Melissa Absarah Torres
Malinstrument - Play Painting

2019 | HGK FHNW | ACT Basel

Today’s technology also improve our perception. We can see further than the eye can or listen to sounds we can now amplify. That enable one to be more conscious of its reality. In front of pictures of the universe the mind opens up to the macrocosmos and leave us more conscious of how small we are. Simultaneaously, we can switch place and realize that our cells and atoms are the microcosmos of our macrocosmos. Melissa A. Torres’s aim is to deepen the awareness of the influence we and our particles have on our environment.

As much as when listening to an amplified river sound you hear the various drops jingling against each other, she wanted to experiment it with painting and the sound of a brush. The public is invited to play painting with the artist and she improvises a humming song on the painting sounds.

Foto: Christian Knörr