M.A.R.S. Collective
20 ideas for a homemade performance

2020 | HKB | ACT v2.0

This is a text-based performance. Please follow the instructions below…

“We are convinced that the value of an idea lies in its relational capacity. So we continue to create a dialogical game from the resources that the political and social situation has lent us at this time: each one in and within their own homes. Within the most familiar habits we intend to find their creative expression.

  1. (X,Y) Pick up the phone and call each other.
  2. One after the other, launch ideas for everyday actions to do with objects inside the house
  3. Make a list until you reach 20
  4. X performs and records the proposals by Y and vice versa
  5. Edit a video piece with the actions interspersed, in order, according to the list.”

April 2020

* Within the aim of creating an archive of everyday actions, we propose a more simple instruction. You can follow this development of the proposal, in the wordpress’ website below. https://homemadeperformances.wordpress.com/